How to trade bitcoin and litecoin at a fraction of the price

The following article originally appeared on CryptoCurrency News and was reproduced here with permission.

As the number of Bitcoin and Litecoin miners continue to grow, there is increasing speculation that the two digital currencies will eventually reach parity, and it looks like the world’s largest digital currency is about to hit the market.

As of September 15, the global market cap of Bitcoin is at $1.4 trillion, with the currency on the verge of surpassing the market cap for the US dollar.

This is the first time the global Bitcoin market cap surpassed the market value of the US Treasury bill, according to data, which shows that Bitcoin is the third largest asset class on the market, behind gold and gold futures.

The total value of Bitcoin has been increasing exponentially over the past year.

According to, Bitcoin has now overtaken the value of gold for the first five days of September.

Bitcoin has also been gaining ground on the value in the last week, rising from $1,225 per coin in the first week of September to $1 to $2,900 on Friday.

At the same time, Bitcoin prices have been gaining traction in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries.

Bitcoin is now worth about $1 per coin, or about $5,500 in today’s terms.

However, if Bitcoin is going to reach parity with the US Dollar, that would be an enormous feat for the currency, which is currently trading for around $1 billion.

In an interview with Reuters, Andreas Antonopoulos, founder of Coin Center, the cryptocurrency research company, said the US government is not in a position to take on Bitcoin.

“It is going the wrong way, the wrong direction.

They are not willing to do that,” he said.

“They are going to be the next victims, and Bitcoin is no exception.”

Antonopoulos also said that the current Bitcoin price has the potential to surpass the value that the US Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York can provide for the country’s national debt.

“If it is going above $1 trillion, it’s going to go past the US national debt,” Antonopoulos said.

“We have seen this with gold, and with gold futures, so we’re going to see it with Bitcoin, because the price is going up.”

Antonsopoulos, who was recently interviewed by CNBC, said that Bitcoin has the opportunity to be more than just a financial tool, and the market has the ability to make it happen.

“The real value of bitcoin, and I believe this is the case with the crypto currencies, is in the future.

The market is going insane with the hype of what it is, and now it has the technology to be able to create these things and turn them into something real,” Antonopolos said.

Antonopolos also said there is no shortage of potential uses for Bitcoin in the coming years.

“There is a lot of potential.

There is nothing that will stop Bitcoin from being used as a means of commerce, as a currency, and a form of payment,” he explained.”

Bitcoin has become so important because it allows people to trade and transact in a completely anonymous way.

There are a lot things that we can do with it.”

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