NFL Draft QBs who are likely to be picked in June 2017

The NFL Draft will be held on June 28, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the final day before the start of the regular season.

For the first time since 1995, the draft will be conducted on Sunday, with no games scheduled in the following week.

There are three teams that will be selecting at least one player each.

The Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, and Washington Redskins will have the first pick, while the Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills will each have the second.

The first-round selection will be used to select a quarterback for the upcoming season, which will be the last in the draft until 2021.

The Rams and Giants are expected to pick between the second and third picks, while Washington will have to select between the fourth and fifth picks.

There will be plenty of competition between the two clubs for the third pick, and some mock drafts have the Redskins picking between the third and fourth.

For example, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has the Rams selecting between the fifth and sixth picks, and the Giants picking between between the sixth and seventh.

While some mock draft sites have the Rams picking between sixth and sixth, some other sites have them picking between eighth and ninth.

If the Redskins were to pick, for example, between ninth and 11th, they would have a chance to select the quarterback of the future, with Carson Wentz expected to be the first overall pick.

Here are some of the other draft prospects expected to fall into the top five picks: Washington Redskins: QB Kirk Cousins, Kansas City Chiefs The Redskins will be picking between Carson Wentzan, left, and Ryan Nassib, right, of the Philadelphia Eagles, in the first round.

Washington will likely use the third-round pick on a quarterback.

Washington drafted Wentzan in the second round in 2015, after the Chiefs traded away the second-round picks they would receive in that deal.

He went on to start all 16 games for Kansas City, compiling a career passer rating of 103.2.

The Redskins would probably prefer to keep Cousins, who went on a disappointing rookie season that included a career-high six interceptions and four fumbles in the 2017 regular season, and is entering his fifth season.

But if the Redskins don’t land Cousins, they could use the second pick on an offensive lineman or receiver.

New York Jets: QB Bryce Petty, Baylor Bears The Jets are expected, like Washington, to take at least a quarterback in the top four.

The Jets have several other options available, including their own quarterback prospect, Marcus Mariota, who is ranked as the fourth-best quarterback in this year’s draft class.

The Bears are expected with the fifth-best player, but they have several options in the 2019 draft class, including former LSU quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The second-year pro was the starting quarterback for Oregon State during the 2019 season and threw for 3,077 yards and 21 touchdowns, while rushing for 3-671 yards and nine scores.

The 2018 class is also expected to feature a quarterback, and Watson is projected to be a top-10 pick.

Detroit Lions: QB Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina Tar Heels The Lions are expected at least two quarterbacks in the sixth round of the draft.

They would use the sixth-rounders pick on Trubiz, a high-powered passer from Ohio State who had an impressive debut season at North Carolina, throwing for 2,737 yards and 26 touchdowns.

He also ran for 1,917 yards and 14 touchdowns as a junior.

Trubis could be the Lions’ quarterback of choice, but he’s not projected as a first-rounder.

If they are going to pick a quarterback that is the third overall pick, they will need to take a quarterback with the top-five pick.

Carolina Panthers: QB Mitchell Trubick, Georgia Bulldogs The Panthers are expected the Panthers will select at least five quarterbacks in this round.

They will have a quarterback on the board that is projected as one of the top three quarterbacks in their class, but not projected to go in the fourth or fifth rounds.

That would be Trubrick, a true freshman quarterback who completed 72 percent of his passes as a sophomore at Georgia.

Trabick has impressed the coaching staff and has been viewed as one to watch throughout the draft process.

New England Patriots: QB Deshone Kizer, Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Patriots are expected as they will draft at least three quarterbacks, and Kizer is one of them.

Kizer was projected to the first-team All-Big East selection last year and has impressed coaches.

He completed 64 percent of the passes in his final season as a starter for Notre Dame, and threw three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Kizers biggest concern is accuracy, which he struggled to accomplish during his time at Notre Dame.

But he did have a great year at Notre D