What’s the worst thing about Uber?

In the wake of the fatal stabbing of a passenger in a car service Uber is suing the company’s top brass for allegedly misleading consumers and driving up costs.

The lawsuit, filed in California on Wednesday, accuses the company of misleading consumers by saying its vehicles were designed to be able to take off and land safely, even though the company claims that is not always the case.

The suit, filed by the California-based company, also accuses Uber of charging customers more for car rides than other rides because the cars can only be operated with the use of its own electric power.

“The Uber brand is inherently a service of convenience and comfort,” reads the lawsuit, which alleges that the company also created a misleading image of its cars that “displays a sense of safety and security that is lacking in the reality of the vehicles.”

Uber is also accused of deceiving consumers about how many miles it would take to drive a given distance.

“These claims are completely untrue,” Uber spokesman Brian Chesky told the Associated Press on Thursday.

The company has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

In response to the lawsuit filed by Uber, the company said it had already removed the misleading advertising from its website and that the ads were being corrected and removed.

“Uber’s advertising policies are clear: it is not allowed to misrepresent the vehicle capabilities of its vehicles,” Chesky wrote.

“If we have to take action, we will do so.”

Uber has been under fire for a number of years for its high cost of car ownership and poor customer service.

The car service company has faced criticism for its low price and its ability to drive drivers out of their jobs.

It also faced backlash after a recent video emerged in which a passenger was seen being killed in an Uber car.

Uber’s chief executive, Travis Kalanick, has been charged with lying to regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI.

Kalanicks initial public offering (IPO) in June raised $4.5 billion, which it has since used to help fund a number other ventures.

Uber is the second-largest taxi service company in the world with nearly 10 million customers.

It is one of the fastest growing taxi services, and its drivers have a reputation for safety and customer service that rival those of its competitors.

The city of Austin, Texas, passed a new ordinance last month to prohibit Uber drivers from operating within 100 feet of any home or business.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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