The world’s most expensive car service course

An American car service school offers a five-year course for its students to learn the ropes of car service, and it cost $17,000 for just that.

Car service courses are taught by people with very little experience, and many have a reputation of being extremely expensive.

But a series of high-profile examples from the United States have shown the value of the business and its students, according to the Associated Press. 

The American Automobile Service Institute’s car service courses range from $2,700 for a one-year pilot to a $24,000 course with three-day pilot.

The American Motor Vehicle Association said the cost of the two courses are comparable to a pilot for a new car.

But it also said the courses are not advertised as such and students should be prepared to pay for their own car service.

The AP reported that the courses cost the average family about $1,500 to take.

But the courses come with a promise: You will get the training you need, and the course will help you save money on your car.

The AP reported some students say they felt intimidated by the cost, and they’re willing to pay to learn.

The Associated Press found the cost for the courses to be less than the average of $4,400 for a pilot and $16,000 a three-year, a savings of $1.50 a day.

“I’m a business owner and I can make some money doing this,” said Andrew Furlong, who took the $17.5 million course in February.

“But it’s not going to change my life.”

The AP spoke to a few students who were willing to speak for the AP.

One student said he’d never heard of the American Automotive Service Institute before.

But he said he was excited to take the class.

“The whole purpose of this is to teach you how to get rid of your car in a safe way,” said a former business manager for an auto repair shop.

“You can actually do it.”

Another said she would pay for the car service if she needed it.

“It’s just like buying groceries, you don’t need it, you pay for it,” said the student.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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