When Uber’s driverless car program makes it to the UK

Automotive service provider Insignia has been working with Uber to bring its service to London.

In a blog post, Insignias founder Michael McDonagh said Insignies driverless cars are the first ever on the UK’s roads.

The service, which McDonag described as a “driverless taxi service”, will use Uber’s fleet of self-driving vehicles to provide “free taxi rides to thousands of drivers” across London.

Uber has been building autonomous vehicles for a number of years, and is currently in talks to introduce its own fleet of autonomous vehicles in the US.

Insignios new fleet will be able to offer drivers a “safe and reliable service” in the capital.

The company says it will operate in London, Camden, the city of Westminster, Covent Garden, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratwich, Stratfield, Euston and St Pancras, which are home to its fleet of fully autonomous vehicles.

The new fleet of vehicles will be built and tested in the UK and will be equipped with “driver-assist technology”, McDonah said.

Uber will be rolling out the new fleet “as quickly as possible”.

McDonalgh said the new services are “the first to be offered by a global technology leader and one of the first to offer self-assessment, safety checks and a vehicle inspection system”.

The service will be available to all Insigniacers customers within three weeks, McDonaugh said.

Insigning, which operates in about 80 cities around the world, operates as a third-party broker and offers “insurance, security, insurance, and roadside assistance” to Insigniaters customers.

McDonigas new company, Insigning Insignis, will provide a range of services to Insigning customers including insurance, roadside assistance, vehicle inspection and insurance, Mc Donagh said.

The car rental company, which has been offering driverless taxi services in the United States since 2015, also plans to operate its own service in the city.

Mc Donaghs company has also invested $100m (£65m) in the company in 2017.

The London launch comes amid Uber’s push into autonomous vehicles, as the company aims to use its fleet to provide rides in the region to millions of drivers, and has begun testing autonomous vehicles at its self-parking garage, called Autopilot Park.

The move comes just weeks after Uber launched its self driving car program, and in the wake of Tesla announcing its own autonomous vehicle program earlier this year.

Uber’s self-flying vehicles will make a debut at the London launch, with the service being offered on a “pay-as-you-go” basis for the first time.

The ride-hailing company is also testing its own self-catering service, with Uber offering to cook for drivers on the premises.

Uber said it will use a fleet of up to 500 self-driven taxis to provide service in London.

Insisting that the service will have “no impact on Uber’s core business”, Mc Donaig said Insigning will not seek to “sue Uber for compensation or litigation”.

Insignians founder MichaelMcDonagh, centre, is pictured during a news conference in London last month, where Insignicies new fleet was unveiled.

Insigned is also looking to establish a “global driverless vehicle partner network” to bring autonomous vehicles to more cities in the world.

Mcdonagh said the company was “excited” to work with Uber, which he described as “a leader in self-services, mobility, transportation, and logistics”.

The company’s fleet will have a range to cover “many different kinds of transport needs” including taxis, shuttles, buses, trams, and Uber’s own self driving pods.

Insights: How Uber’s autonomous cars could make London the next Silicon Valley (Business Insider)

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